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'Preserve Community Pharmacy Access NOW!' Continues to Advocate against the Planned Merger between Express Scripts and Medco Health Solutions

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Recently, two of America's largest Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) companies--Express Scripts and Medco Health Solutions--announced a planned merger.  "Preserve Community Pharmacy Access NOW!" (PCPAN) is a coalition of consumers, businesses, and community-based pharmacists that's informing both the public and policymakers about what it says are the risks to consumers that this merger would create.

PCPAN says that PBM companies--which serve as middlemen between corporations or insurance companies and patients--already wield a one-sided advantage in setting prescription-medicine contract and reimbursement terms for community-based pharmacies.  It believes that the planned merger would create a consolidated PBM with excessive control over the healthcare of tens of millions of Americans--putting both patient well-being and access to pharmacy services at risk.  Therefore, PCPAN is against the merger and will continue to publicly advocate against it.

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