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NPRA Sues EPA over Regulations on Greenhouse-Gas Emissions, Increased Levels of Ethanol in Gasoline

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EPA regulations on greenhouse-gas emissions will hurt all Americans by raising energy costs, wiping out millions of jobs, increasing America's reliance on a wide range of imported products, and weakening the nation's vital manufacturing sector--according to National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA) President Charles Drevna.  He believes that these regulations--which were never authorized by Congress and which the NPRA is seeking to overturn in a lawsuit--are a prescription for "all pain and no gain".  Specifically, he argues that since all nations share a common atmosphere, there will be zero environmental benefit resulting from simply moving greenhouse-gas emissions from the U.S. to other nations.

Another NPRA lawsuit involves a 50-percent increase in the amount of ethanol that the EPA has authorized in gasoline; that lawsuit also includes environmental groups, the food industry, the auto industry, outdoor-power-equipment manufacturers, and boating organizations.  Drevna argues that--in order to protect consumers from costly damage to their gasoline-powered engines--greater testing is needed on whether increasing the amount of ethanol in gasoline is safe.

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