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Statements Concerning the NACo 'Prescription Discount Card Program'

The National Association of Counties (NACo) is in partnership with CVS Caremark to provide a prescription-discount card for NACo member counties to offer to their residents who are uninsured or underinsured.  The NACo Prescription Discount Card Program provides savings by passing along the CVS Caremark-negotiated discount rates to individuals with little or no prescription-benefit coverage.

The prescription-discount-card program can save residents an average of 24 percent off of the full retail cost of prescription medications that are not covered under a traditional insurance plan, as well as some diabetic supplies.  There is no cost to NACo member counties, or their residents, to participate in the program.  The NACo Prescription Discount Card Program offers real value, easy access, a large national pharmacy network of more than 60,000 pharmacies, and excellent customer support.

Counties benefit from the program by being able to offer their county-residents a no-cost alternative to paying full price for prescriptions.  Counties may also feature their county logo or seal on the front of the card.

Residents benefit from the program by saving an average of 24 percent off of their prescriptions.  There is no cost for a resident--as well as no forms to fill out, no age or income requirements, and no medical-condition restrictions.

The NACo Prescription Discount Card Program is not insurance.

For more information--including lists of participating counties and pharmacies--click here.

We are offering soundbites concerning how various NACo-member counties--and their residents--are benefitting from the Prescription Discount Card Program.  The statements are only available in either mp3PRO format (for newer bites, from 2011, 2012, and 2013) or 96 kbps basic MP3 (for older bites, from 2010).

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Shelby County, Tenn., Mayor Mark Luttrell (six bites; 1:44 total)

Berks County, Penna., Chief Operating Officer Carl Geffken (1:49)

Berks County, Penna., Commissioner Christian Leinbach (1:43)

Switzerland County, Ind., Auditor Gayle Rayles (1:49)

Morgan County, Ind., Commissioner Norman Voyles (1:45)

Lake County, Ohio, Commissioner Daniel Troy (1:46)

Monroe County, Ind., Assessor Judith Sharp (1:40)

Fort Bend County, Texas, Commissioner Grady Prestage (1:46)

Noble County, Ind., Auditor Jackie Knafel (1:47)

Kitsap County, Wash., Commissioner Robert Gelder (1:30)

Montgomery County, Md., Department of Health and Human Services Public Information Officer Mary Anderson (1:41)

Jasper County, Mo., Collector of Revenue Stephen Holt (six bites; 1:29 total)

Grand Traverse County, Mich., Commissioner Rob Hentschel (three bites; 1:12 total)

Fulton County, Ga., Department of Health and Wellness Representative Oliver Delk (two bites; :51 total)

Lake County, Ill., Board Member Mary Ross Cunningham (two bites; :54 total)

Linn County, Iowa, Supervisor Lu Barron (three bites; :52 total)

Linn County, Iowa, Supervisor Linda Langston (two bites; 1:11 total)

Athens County, Ohio, Commissioner Lenny Eliason (three bites; :56 total)

Boone County, Mo., Commissioner Karen Miller (three bites; 1:05 total)

Tarrant County, Texas, Judge Glen Whitley (two bites; :41 total)

Blue Earth County, Minn., Commissioner Drew Campbell (three bites; :40 total)

Gastonia County, N.C., Commission Chair Donnie Loftis (three bites; :52 total)

Douglas County, Nebr., Commissioner Chris Rodgers (two bites; :37 total)

Yellowstone County, Mont., Commissioner Bill Kennedy (two bites; :40 total)

Baltimore County, Md., Health Officer and Director Dr. Gregory William Branch (four bites; :59 total)

DeKalb County, Ga., Commissioner Larry Johnson (four bites; 1:44 total)

Palm Beach County, Fla., Legislative Affairs Director Todd Bonlarron (two bites; 1:12 total)

Hamilton County, Tenn., External Communications Manager Mike Dunne (four bites; 1:35 total)

Riverside County, Calif., Senior Human Resources Analyst Diane Rundles (four bites; 1:40 total)

Cumberland County, Maine, Commissioner Malory Shaughnessy (three bites; :51 total)

Baltimore (City), Md., Councilwoman Helen Holton (three bites; 1:06 total)

Miller County, Ark., Quorum Court Justice of the Peace Haze Hudson (two bites; :40 total)

Brookings County, S.Dak., Commission Chairperson Don Larson (1:02)

Kent County, Del., Levy Court Vice President Allan Angel (two bites; :44 total)

Brazos County, Texas, District Clerk Marc Hamlin (three bites; 1:09 total)

Sonoma County, Calif., Supervisor Shirlee Zane (two bites; 1:21 total)

DuPage County, Ill., Board Member Jim Healy (three bites; 1:41 total)

Marion County, Miss., Supervisor Calvin Newsom (four bites; 1:20 total)

El Paso County, Colo., Commissioner Sallie Clark (three bites; 1:31 total)

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